This Is Getting Confusing

Updated Wednesday July 31, 2013 by Patrick Phenow.

The playoff picture is getting both clearer and more confusing. The bottom two teams in our group are out of the picture, the top team is in, the 2nd place team is more or less guaranteed a spot (a scenario knocking them out is absurd and doesn't help us any). The next four are all still in the race. And to make things interesting, the four teams still vying for those last two spots have their remaining games against each other.

Two results from Monday night have made the playoff picture a bit more confusing. 

The 4th place Medtronic Shocks (5-5-2, 17 pts) stole an unprecedented 1-0 victory from the previously undefeated Flying Loons (11-1-0, 33 pts). 7th place TCFC (2-6-3, 9 pts), helped us out with a bit of an upset win, beating 3rd place Northern FC (6-5-1, 19 pts) 4-2. 

This leaves us with a few paths to the playoffs. All of them however, still start with at least a tie with Northern FC on Monday. So, the possible scenarios:

1 - We tie Northern FC AND beat Medtronic AND Carte Rouge (5-6-0, 15 pts) beats Medtronic AND loses to Northen FC.

2 - We beat Northern FC AND Medtronic AND Carte Rouge loses to Medtronic AND beats Northern FC.

3 - We beat Northern FC AND Medtronic AND Carte Rouge ties Medtronic.

All of this goes out the window if either our game vs TCFC or Carte Rouge's game vs Athletic Club is rescheduled. The latter does not work in our favor. If JUST the latter that happens, Carte Rouge's likely victory over Athletic Club leaves only one possible scenario for us (I believe):

4 - We beat Northern FC AND Medtronic AND Carte Rouge ties or beats Medtronic AND beats Northern FC.

So there you have it. Tie and win, we maybe get in, win and win, we... maybe get in. 



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Chuck Blair commented on July 31, 8:24pm
"That doesn't seem to difficult..... Thanks for laying out the path, now we just need to execute I suppose. "
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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