4th place!

(But not really)

Updated Friday July 26, 2013 by Patrick Phenow.

In a wonderful, but likely brief error on the website, we apparently managed to get a fictional win off of the Minnesota Flying Loons at the same time that they actually beat us. But it's nice to see us momentarily in a playoff spot. That said, it's important to note that we have a pretty good shot at securing that 4th playoff spot if we win our final three games, something that is very doable. The competition:

Athletic Club of Minneapolis,  8th place, 1-6-1, 4 points. Previously, they managed to steal a 3-2 victory from us.

Northern FC, 2nd place, 6-4-1, 19 points. Previously, we beat them 2-0 at the end of June

Medtronic Shocks,  4th place, 4-5-1, 13 points. Previously, they beat us 5-0 in our first game.

If we win those first two, it is quite possible that the winner of the last game will take the 4th playoff spot.

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Patrick Phenow commented on July 23, 2:47pm
"Update - my above analysis was based on the assumption of a Medtronic victory over Athletic Club last night. That tie means we could likely get that 4th spot with just a tie against Medtronic in three weeks (assuming two victories prior to that game)."
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